magic tricks

by Megan Kurashige

Shannon Leypoldt in rehearsal

Shannon Leypoldt in rehearsal for Queen of Knives

Today, we had our fourth rehearsal for Queen of Knives. We are thinking hard about magic tricks. They’re beautifully constructed lies, stories of another version of reality that is both impossible and delightful, and even skeptical people often seem to hunger for the sensation of being fooled. But, why love them? In real life, being fooled, fleeced, conned, or made to believe in something that doesn’t really exist isn’t frequently a pleasure.

Shannon and I have always loved magic tricks. When I was a kid, I wanted to believe in them, wanted them to be proof that people could fly and tissue paper could turn into roses, but now I have a more complicated reaction, even if my affection remains absolute. I want someone to be so good at telling me their story, so confident in offering their finely built version of events, that I can’t detect a dishonest bone in their body. I want to believe in the face of impossibility. I want to be astonished by the skill with which someone tricks me.

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