hello, dancers.

by Megan Kurashige

We’re delighted to introduce the dancers working on Queen of Knives. Shannon and I were nervous about committing ourselves to dancing in this piece because we were anxious about the responsibilities of directing what will be our most elaborate show so far. But, we have such an incredible group of beautiful, brilliant people dancing with us that we are feeling much better about it.

Meet the folks:

Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia is new to Sharp & Fine. He emailed us in response to our call for a male dancer. We knew nothing about him, but we liked how enthusiastic and well-spoken his correspondence was and when he sent us a link to this dance film of his, we were hopeful. He has an amazing face and a very human, straightforward way of moving. We’ve worked with Eric for a few weeks now and he’s fantastic. His way of moving is so different from ours and it’s pushing us to put things together differently, to examine our habitual vernacular, and to enjoy the luxury of bouncing off his theatrical instincts. Eric also directs his own company, detour dance, which you can learn about HERE.

Katharine Hawthorne

Katharine Hawthorne is one of our co-workers at Liss Fain Dance, but this is the first time we’ve had the chance to work with her as choreographers. Katharine is one of our favorite movers and brains in San Francisco. She’s this gorgeously tall, spare woman who is tremendously adaptable and can go from slicing up huge spaces with her limbs to indulging in completely unexpected lushness. She also has an almost terrifyingly insatiable memory for movement and can learn things faster than you can make them up. Katharine is insanely busy, so we were nervous about asking her to join us and couldn’t believe our luck when she did. Katharine also choreographs and directs her own work, which you can learn about HERE.

Shannon Leyoldt

Shannon Leypoldt is joining us for her second Sharp & Fine project. We worked with Shannon for Love Songs and it was a sort of crash course in getting to know a body and way of moving that is entirely different. Shannon is an intensely beautiful, vivid, extremely generous dancer. She’ll push all the way to the edge of what a movement can be and this pulls your eye right to her. She’s also tends to move in very long, straight planes while we tend towards rounded, circuitous patterns. The translation between those tendencies is challenging and fascinating. Shannon also dances with burnsWORK, Nine Shards, and FACT/SF.

Carson Stein

Carson Stein has been with Sharp & Fine since the very beginning. She is a ridiculously powerful beauty who can do completely insane things as if they were nothing. She attacks movement with particular and intricate precision, has an enormous capacity for keeping strand after strand of choreography organized in her brain, and has been developing a surprising amount of theatrical moxie. She has an interesting  pull between the poles of loopy comedy and muscled, stoic nerve. She is also our co-worker in Liss Fain Dance, our roommate, and our very good friend.

Megan Wright

Megan Wright is joining us for her second Sharp & Fine project. We first worked with her on Love Songs. Megan reminds me of the heroine of a Howard Hawks movie. She’s a stunner who immediately catches your eye and holds it without mercy, but is unrepentantly silly and odd and wolfishly curious. Her movement is lush, rolling, and enormous. She has been a huge help in the thinking and questioning that we’ve had to do for Queen of Knives. She’s so smart and eager to follow both tangents and main lines and has a magical ability to attach important, but far flung ideas. Megan is a member of Margaret Jenkins Dance Company and works with several other excellent local choreographers.