S&F recommends: TIMEPIECE by Katharine Hawthorne

by Megan Kurashige

Every now and then, most often when we’re talking to our dancers or each other, we start discussing the difficulty of finding out what one might enjoy when presented with a glut of unfamiliar things. How would we find out about the dance shows we might like if weren’t dancers? How would we find out whether we even liked to watch dance at all?

So often, dance people bemoan the lack of non-dance people in their audience. “Why don’t they come?” we say. It’s easy to assume that people aren’t interested, that they don’t feel like putting in the effort, and sometimes we forget how distressing it is, in this time of no time, to squander an evening on something completely unknown. I can’t remember the last time I went to something absolutely alien just for the hell of it. I like going to new things, to different things, but I need a reason to drag myself out of my cozy routine, to surround myself with strangers and take in something for which I have no points of reference. What if I hate it? What if I’m so bowled over by the unknown that I can’t make a decision about whether it’s good or bad?

Which is a long winded way of saying that I really like recommendations. A recommendation from someone I trust is a reason to brave the strange and the hitherto unknown. I go forth confident in my expectation of some sort of quality, regardless of whether I like or dislike the experience. And I’ll have someone to talk it over with either way.

We want to start posting recommendations here. It’ll be fun. Our first one happens to be for a dance performance.

photo © Ben Hersh

photo © Ben Hersh

Katharine Hawthorne, who is creating the role of “the grandmother” in Queen of Knives, is one of our favorite dancers AND dance makers in San Francisco. She makes pieces that are deeply, satisfyingly smart. She excites your brain and makes you believe in the logic of whatever question she has chosen to ask of her dancers and herself.

She is presenting Timepiece, “an inquiry into the nature of time and our relationship to order and disorder,” as part of a program shared with Guilty Survivor by James Graham. We have been told that there is an alarm clock involved. Katharine herself will be performing, as well as the beautiful Megan Wright. It’s always a treat to see them perform, and we are excessively curious about that alarm clock.

Let Us Compare Chronologies
November 22-23
Joe Goode Annex
401 Alabama Street, San Francisco
Tickets, $15-$30, available HERE