S&F Recommends: MAKING BELIEVE by Harry Bolles

by Megan Kurashige

Making Believe

We can’t recommend this album highly enough. Making Believe is a collection of eleven astonishingly lovely songs sung by Harry Bolles, whose voice is pure, gorgeously human, magic. Harry sings so beautifully and so effortlessly. He makes you feel happy and sad in all the best ways. He makes you long for all the things that are so easy to imagine as perfect. This is Harry’s first album and it features his brilliant guitar and ukulele playing, as well as the talents of a few of his great musician friends (Kim Cass, Nate Brenner, and Michael Coleman). It also has Harry’s version of Hoagy Carmichael’s “Skylark,” which is probably one of our favorite things in the world.

We love it.

If you saw our Queen of Knives, you heard Harry:


This is what he says about Making Believe:

This record represents the jazzier selections from my live set, which always includes at least one Hoagy Carmichael song (Skylark) and one Disney song (In A World of My Own). I like to have a wide variety of genres in my performances and I love to feature songs written by my songwriter friends. On this record I am proud to include a song by Jesse Rimler (I Am Wiser Now), a very talented musician and songwriter in Oakland, CA. I am attracted to a song’s melody first and foremost, and his song fit in with these other chestnuts very comfortably.
About the musicians: They are the cream of the crop. I am honored and humbled to be accompanied by such talent as these three men.

You can acquire this marvelous record for your own collection via Bandcamp HERE. Harry is asking a meager $5 for these gems, so it would be completely silly of you to deny yourself the pleasure of them.

Harry is a wonderful friend who recently moved to Brooklyn. He does magic tricks and builds guitars. We miss him very much. If you live in NY, you should follow him on Twitter and pester him to play a live show. Or get him to teach you how to play the guitar. Or do a card trick. The one with all the kings and queens is hilarious.


Photos by Laura Jones